Los deportes y el dinero en Argentina

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In Argentina during pre-World Cup football and sometimes throughout the year, advertising agencies are preparing for the campaigns and products that sponsor the national football team. It is not strange to see billboards, special promotions, offers and the face of the players of the selection in food packaging, commercial of non-profit foundations and many more examples.

Football moves millions in Argentina: The sale of tickets to the games and the millions of members that football clubs have, the merchandising, the sponsors, the rights to use the brand of equipment like Boca or River in products. they make king sport a lucrative business on and off the court.

Many also speak of the negative part of those millionaire incomes and it is about the shady deals that the Argentine Football Association (AFA) has had and the country’s soccer clubs that evade taxes under dubious legal figures. If part of that money were invested in the country, thousands of children and young people from all provinces would benefit from it.

Of course it is not all negative and there are very positive actions that have an impact on better quality of the video for small players throughout Argentina.

A goal, a pasture

The Tarjeta Naranja is a Cordoba company that is managed by a former physical education teacher: David Ruda. This company is the main issuer of credit cards in Argentina and thanks to its director has had an active presence in support of the development of sports in the country.

A goal, a pasture. It is a corporate social responsibility campaign in which since 2011, for every goal that the selection makes, a paddock is built and used (a space of land used as a soccer field). Currently more than 300 have been built throughout Argentina.

Soccer is passion and also monetization.